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Laughing Sky --
'Free Inside'

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Five years after Blacklight Chameleons, and after appearing in a few side projects such as Third Planet with Paulette Wray and The Third Half with Abbey Lavine, and the all-surf instrumental group Lords Of The New Surf (which did an astounding tour of...Canada) Dino Sorbello (gtr,vocals) decided to start up yet another psychedelic band. A well-timed vision yielded the name Laughing Sky, and after the usual endless line-up changes Dino finally found bassist Jamie Ross and drummer Brad Kelly, and the psych classic CD Free Inside was recorded and released on Voxx Records in late 1994-95. At one point the entire band was employed at Psychedelic Solution, a Greenwich Village store specializing in vintage psychedelic rock concert and blacklight posters, as well as all manner of 60s era memorabilia. This also brought them into contact with many of the luminaries of that era, which left many impressions, inspirations, and weakened the effects of time passing... Laughing Sky did a tour of California, playing Northern California all the way down thru San Francisco (including live on-air for Berkeley's KALX), SF's The Purple Onion, on to LA, and even down to the Cavern Club in sunny San Diego. This somehow brought them to the attention of various European promoters and the following year they were off to Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and France. Upon their return to NYC they staged their own celebratory event for the Vernal Equinox, bringing over 1,000 people to their giant borrowed loft space for a party that truly capped off their run to glory. There are still a few NY scenesters who have a racy story or two about that party. (It should be noted drummer Mike Lincoln subbed for Brad Kelly on the tours and later recordings, which remain unreleased). The Laughing Sky CD Free Inside has recently been re-released on the Tripwave! Records label (TWR003). The songs DMT and Arms Of The Sun are standout classics and the amazing covers of Tomorrow Never Knows and Lucifer Sam also continue to amaze.