NOTE: The following is a totally trippy Alta Vista Babel Fish translation of this Spanish review of the new Tripwave record.

To speak of Dino Sorbello is to do it of one of the
main figures of the garagero revival of the 80 in the
United States since it participated with its guitar
and voice in numerous seminal groups of appearing
again of the garage in New York, between which
Fuzztones, airborne magnetic detection Violets or
Blacklight Chameleons are counted. Also it gave to the
very interesting foot later Laughing Sky, that with
its "Free inside" produced one of basic discs of new
psicodelia guitarrera at the beginning of the 90. With
this new group, Tripwave, returns with force to
explore its taste by psicodelia, a taste that at this
point has demonstrated to be to the margin of any
fashion. With the years also patent has had left its
versatility like composer, because unlike in Laughing
Sky, we will not be here with a so rough sound and
those sharp guitars, is one psicodelia much more
calmed and immersed in the tradition of first
psicodelia English of the Pink Floyd de melodiosos
Barret or the Tomorrow, also the influence of the
garage sixtie Remains type or music is detectable
surf. Although the one that writes this review had
preferred more guitar is necessary to admit that this
disc is extremely interesting to verify by where the
shots of psicodelia go partly present. In Tripwave it
is possible to see a lead ELT with other bands that
are moving in Europe, is the case of Vibravoid or
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society, although without
arriving at the use of technologies and sampled that
characterizes to these, that is to say, one psicodelia
etérea and melodiosa that let enough to a side the
guitars to be centered in the hipnóticos rates of
organs, to sitar and theremin. For this Sorbello
return one has accompanied by Starry Night low and the
choirs, the veteran Danny Fastfingers to the organ,
voice and sitar, and Joe Chonto to the battery. East
EP of six cuts with "Psilocybe" is opened, an old
rescued subject of the time of airborne magnetic
detection Violets written by halves with their old
companion Wendy Wild (passed away in years 90). It is
a subject, that so and as it says the title is totally
lysergic, with a enough rate surf supported in a good
organ. All the song is dominated by distortion
effects. The second subject is "Razzled by the
dazzle", with sitar and a very danceable rate, returns
here to emphasize the organ. "Freedom afterwards" is
another sesentero cut, one of the best ones of the
disc, with many changes of rates. "Another sip" is
perhaps garagero of the disc, very in the wave of the
first EP of the Blacklight Chameleons where it touched
Sorbello in the 80, with good single of guitar fuzz in
its center. "Back to the stone" is the subject most
lively, although without leaving that smoothness that
characterizes all the work, it is here where the group
is more compact and direct. It closes "Bards", live
song, with sitar and a very evocative mysterious touch
near space rock. We were very kind then to which this
group offers to us in the future. In our opinion it
needs to even define plus its sound and intensified
its use of the guitar. Even so surely that will please
very many to the fans of the tradition of the soft
psycho. More information on Tripwave and other
references of its seal in
-- Reseña de Camaleón Three Stars!
Dino Sorbello's had a lengthy career in the world of back-to-the-future psych-rock bands, including the Black Chameleons and Laughing Sky, so it's no surprise -- and indeed a fun pleasure -- to see him keep on keeping on with Tripwave, his next group. The band's brief but enjoyable debut sees him splitting songwriting duties for the most part with keyboardist/sitar player Danny Fastfingers, resulting in six songs that don't push the boundaries of the form but play around with the expected elements perfectly well. Starting with the phased vocals, snaky guitar, and tripped-out organ of "Psilocybe" -- and really, who could argue with that title? -- Tripwave, also featuring drummer Joe Chonto and bassist Starry Night, call up the perfect never-never land of black light projections and lava lamps. Fastfingers's two songs, "Razzled by the Dazzle" and "Back to the Stone," give his vocals a chance to contrast to Sorbello's, providing a cooler, suave take on mind-expanding lyrics (best line of his: "Better get back to the stone/Get off of the cellular phone"). A couple of songs aren't much more than pleasant, but there's usually something going on to catch the ear, like the snarling guitar breaks on "Another Sip." ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

Tripwave: Tripwave! EP
Tripwave Records (TWR004)
From New York City, Tripwave's 6-song 30 minute CDEP is a real trip back to the glory days of garage rocking psychedelia. A key member of the band is Dino Sorbello, who many of you may remember from Laughing Sky and Blacklight Chameleons, both bands who played similar 60's styled psych songs. The disc opens with "Psilocybe" a mind-bending space rocking psychedelic song created with liquid acid and fuzzed guitars and classic 60's organ. "Razzled By The Dazzle" is similar, but with sitar injecting a cool tripped out vibe to the already rocking psychedelic proceedings. "Freedom Afterwards" is an excellent garage psych rocker with playful verses that bring to mind an ultra psychedelic take on The Who. The fun continues with "Another Sip" and "Back to the Stone", both genuine in-yer-face power psych tunes with searing acid guitar licks. And rounding out the set is "Bardos", an example of Tripwave performing live. The song consists of sitar, guitar and rhythm section jamming along in flower power raga land. The band jam along for a while until peaking with a power jam that features both sitar and guitar rocking out. Wow, probably the trippiest song of the set.
The magic of Tripwave is not just the retro psychedelic style of music they're playing, but the songs themselves are well written and really outstanding, and the production is impeccable. Seeing these live with a liquid lightshow must be quite a happening. I hope they're working on a full length album. If you long for the sounds of yesterday you can't do much better than these guys. Mandra Gora Lightshow Society is probably the best analogy that comes to mind, which gives you a pretty decent idea of what to expect. Intrigued? Check 'em out.
-- Aural Innovations #33 (March 2006)

Tripwave! EP
Tripwave Records (TWR004)
This is the fourth release on Dino Sorbello’s own Tripwave label, and this time we’re talking about a current band called Tripwave. Dino, New York’s neo-psychedelia legend, formed a new band in spring 2005 and musically it’s pretty much along the same lines in a classic 60’s and 70’s style with the power of garage,

psychedelia, space rock and surf. Dino now also plays theremin. In addition to the new, a bit jazzy drummer and bass player, in the band now is a New York musician veteran Danny Fastfingers on keyboards and sitar, and he has also written a couple of the songs on this EP. The albums begins in a great manner with a new version of magic mushroom inspired track “Psilocybe”, originally by Dino’s old band The Mad Violets. Fastfinger’s ”Dazzled by the Razzle” (he also sings on it) differs somewhat from Dino’s style but is a pretty interesting tune. “Freedom Afterwards” is guaranteed Dino quality, at times there’s also a bit more relaxed touch and also some sitar on this one, too. “Another Sip” is decent 60’s garage rock, and “Back to the Stone” by Fastfingers gets close to new wave. The last, and longest, song on this half an hour long CD is “Bardos” that was recorded live. The beginning is very peaceful, and the mystical atmosphere is added with sitar. This is very nice little disc, let’s hope we’ll hear more about Tripwave and soon!
-- Dj Astro

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"Pure, Perfect Psychedelia"
This is definitely a record worth a listen if you love psychedelic rock, because these guys are the long-time Kings of New York Space Rock. I noticed when I put the cd in the computer that RealPlayer has the album classified as "General Rock." That's way too military-sounding a description for these hippie peaceniks! Not that there's any overt flag-waving on this CD. In fact, after listening to the tracks several times, I still have no idea what they're singing about. Well, except for the first song, that's definitely about those funny blue mushrooms. Psilocybe, the song in question, comes on like a song you dreamt last night and wish you could remember this morning. You wonder if it would still sound as amazing if you heard it when you're awake. Well, now Tripwave have recorded it for you, and it sounds just as good as when you dreamed it. Dino Sorbello didn't so much write that song with Wendy Wylde, he plucked it out of the collective unconscious. It's a really really good song. Track two is "Razzled by the Dazzle" written and sung by the talented keyboardist/sitarist Danny Fastfingers. Another excellent poppy trippy tune, and the band is really cooking on this one. Next song "Freedom Afterwards" is another Dino song that always seems about to tell you something important but I'm never quite sure what that is. Perhaps I'm not in the correct mental state! But the music is pure perfect psychedelia. The rest of the record carries on in the same fashion, there are no bad tracks, and when the last tune finishes, you'll be wishing it was a full album and not just a CD. Tripwave live online at, and you can buy their CD direct from CD Baby at Tripwave have also just given birth to a squealing baby myspace page, so you should go there and be the first on your block to befriend them.
--2AM Show